This is the gateway to let you Find Your Bliss!

The path to utmost Joy and blissful existence is through spiritual awareness and consciousness. Realising that Mind , Body and Soul are interconnected. We create our own destiny by weaving our threads and thoughts. Bliss59 takes you to those roots and let you unweave.

In Bliss59 , Bliss signifies the Bliss Body, Bliss Sheath, Anadmaya Kosh.
Five signifies the five elements (Pancha Mahabhootas), five senses, five Pranas (Pancha Prana), Five Yamas, Five Niyamas and the five bodies (Pancha Kosha), of which the fifth is the Bliss Body.

Nine indicates the attainment of spiritual completeness, whereafter the life restarts from zero depicitng a reincarnation. Nine is also the Nine forms of devotion, Nine gateways to the external world, and Nine planets. in Vedic Astrology.

Angel Number 59 sends you a message of love and hope, of guidance and encouragement, to let you know that you always have a guide.
A therapy session with BLISS 59 helps you, Find Your Bliss.