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Patterns in Life

Patterns in life are recurring themes, behaviors, or occurrences that can be observed across different contexts and situations. Learn More

Anxiety & Fobias

Fear is a primal and essential human emotion that serves as a protective mechanism.Learn More

Traumas & Hangovers

Trauma is a complex and deeply impactful experience that can have profound effects on an individual’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.Learn More

Relationships Issues

Relationship challenges with spouse, children, family, and friends are due to lack of healthy boundaries and energy blockages which creates the ommunication barriers.  Learn How to address them. Learn More

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is about having the resources and control to live life on your own terms, without being bound by financial limitations  Learn More


Depression is a common mental health disorder characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, and feelings of hopelessness. Learn More

Fertility Issues

Fertility issues encompass various challenges hindering conception and may involve physical, hormonal, or lifestyle factors, impacting individuals and couples. Learn More


Addictions are compulsive behaviors or substance use leading to physical and psychological dependence, often with detrimental consequences for individuals’ lives.  Learn More

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the process of reducing body mass through a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes for health improvement. Learn More
about me

About Me

I am Shalini, Certified Regression Therapist from Tasso International. I’m Your Friend and Guide in your journey of Deep Healing.
On my path of learning, I have realised that We are the Creators of our life. Every feeling is here because of us, and every thought is here to tell us something. Every emotion is ready to break free. If we could listen deeply, we have the power to transform our life to a Blissful State – the state of Bliss 59.
I am here to make you listen to your voice, your feelings, your thoughts and even your pain. I am with you in your Transformation to your Bliss.
The Therapies and Techniques I use are Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work, Womb Healing, Releasing the energy of Abortions/Miscarriages/ IVF, Releasing the energy of traumas from accidents and surgeries, Past Life Exploration, Healing Energy of Ancestors & Lineage, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation and Mindful living.

Photo Gallery

Tasso Institute Netherlands
Tasso Institute Netherlands
Shalini with Ms Neerja Handa
Shalini with Ms Neerja Handa
Shalini with Tulin Etymberg
Shalini with Tulin Etymberg
Regression Therapists with Marion Boon
Regression Therapists with Marion Boon
Shalini with Dr Hans TenDam @Tasso International Netherlands
Shalini with Dr Hans TenDam @Tasso International Netherlands
Leadership Oracle Game with Dr Hans tenDam
Leadership Oracle Game with Dr Hans tenDam
With Henriet @Tasso
With Henriet @Tasso
Shalini with Dr Yuvaraj Kapadia Ekaa
Shalini with Dr Yuvaraj Kapadia Ekaa


My first experience with PLR happened with you .I came with the fear that my logical mind would block the insights . You were very patient with me and navigated the flow with ease. What showed up was very deep which I could have never known . The shifts have happened and there is still more to happen . I am working on it .
I am grateful to you and wish that more people will be benefited by you.

Mrs Geetha Sachindran

Thank you so much Shalini for the wonderful session. I found out so much about my issue & what’s holding me back, that I wouldn’t have even dreamt of. You were patient when I couldn’t see or feel anything. The session had a
wonderful flow & I felt a great sense of relief after the session. Thank you again & I’m looking forward to the next session with you.


I want to appreciate everything you have done for me dear
You have so much knowledge about the work you do
After the healing session, I have significantly improved my belief
I feel more connected with myself. I feel that fulfillment within me, I feel empowered. You are magical. Thank you so much for everything 🙏 Love you 🌻. Blessings 🪷


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