Bliss 59

Our Services

We are your Facilitator and are with you in your Journey

Find your path to your Bliss Body through our mentors.

Our services include Regression Therapies. Past Life, Inner Child Therapy, Soul Constellations, Ancestors Healing, Womb Healing, Life between Life, Prenatal therapies, Yoga and Meditation.

We design the program as per your need and are we walk along with your in your Healing.

We also conduct workshops.

Our Mission and Commitment

This might surprise you, but every challenge and problem we face, has its roots in the past. It could be in our childhood, or before we were born, or even related to our ancestors. Somewhere in the past, events happened, energies were exchanged, soul memories were created, and that energy manifests as problems in the present day.

We address these problems by regressing to the past, going back to the root to understand the reasons, and thus we heal ourselves and cure the problems.

This is Your Journey to Find Your Bliss. In this Journey, we are your guide. Our purpose is to create a safe and nurturing space where YOU can explore your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour, and can navigate through life’s complexities with confidence and authenticity.

Happy Bliss 59.