About Me

Namaste , I am Shalini, Your Guide in your journey of Deep Healing and A Certified Regression Therapist from Tasso International.

During my journey I have realised, that We are our own Creator. Every Feelings is here because of us, and Every thought is here to tell us something. Every Emotion is ready to Break Free. If we could listen deeply, we can Transform our life to a Blissful State of Bliss59.

I am here to make you listen to your voice , your feelings, your thoughts and even your pain. I am with you in your Transformation to your Bliss.

Therapies and techniques I use are Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work, Womb Healing, Energy of Abortions/Miscarriages/ IVF, Prenatal, Past Life Exploration, Healing Energy of Ancestors & Lineage,  Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation and Mindful living.