Traumas & Hangovers



TRAUMA. A mental and emotional wound that hasn’t healed. The experience that caused this wound, we call traumatic or rather traumatizing. The basic charge of most traumas is agony: physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain. Common emotional charges with a trauma are fear, misery, rage and despair. Common mental charges in traumas are confusion, misunderstanding, doubt, despair, and especially shock.




HANGOVER is defined by Dr Hans TenDam, the founder of Tasso – Transpersonal Regression therapy. Hangover is the repercussions of long periods of low energy, of depression or oppression, of bondage, of weakness or illness, of insignificance or meaninglessness, or of boredom. The result of such periods of low energy is not a psychic wound, but rather a psychic dirt skirt; a constant heavy, gloomy, musty feeling.